Document management system and document-based process automatization.

What a Document Management System (DMS) entails

A document management system is a software, recommended for most companies for quick and easy management of documents, keeping them in secure archives and with very strictly defined access. With DMS, companies can securely store important documents and information, develop workflows that track the organisation’s processes, and start, run and finish in a stable, predictable and measurable way.

Key components and facilities of a DMS:

Why choose DocuWare?

Efficiency and optimisation. DocuWare enables automation of manual processes, reduces or eliminates time-consuming processes based on paper-based documents, while providing centralized document storage with controlled employee access. These advantages bring many benefits in most business models, in different industries, in dealing with public institutions or even between departments within the company.

Clearly summarizes and centralizes company processes. Having all information and documents centralised helps companies staff respond more quickly and easily to business challenges. Calculated decision-making is facilitated by centralised, easily accessible information and documents.

Quick and easy access to information. DocuWare has a wide range of facilities and tools, which offer ready access to documents and document features such as document type, various relevant indecisions in imprecise searches or fulltext search. These facilities provide employees with access as well as search and filter options to get the information they need quickly and easily.

Low operating cost and resource savings. Having easy access to a centralised archive that provides access to real-time information and the ability to implement stable workflows will help users make informed decisions, and lead to major savings in different areas of business:

Customer relations are improved – Having documentation and information about them centralised with DocuWare improves customer relations. Documents needed to interact with partners such as contracts, addenda or tenders are always just a click away. The software implemented by us solves a number of time-consuming tasks, such as searching for documents in shelves and binders, moving documents to the archive, etc. The benefits described also apply to the relationship with suppliers.

Improve cash flow and monitor expenditure. Archiving invoices electronically and implementing invoice approval workflows significantly reduces the payment process. A direct effect of this optimisation, for many business models, is that invoices can be paid in advance, obtaining greater discounts from the supplier. Another major advantage would be that invoices arrive in time to the accounting department avoiding the department’s overcrowding at the end of the month. Invoices, together with supporting documents, are received in the accounts, approved, signed and checked in accordance with internal management rules. In addition, all actions on the document are marked and recorded with the date and name of the person who took them.

Electronic signature – DocuWare integrations with e-signature vendors help reduce the paper used by the company, track contracts, addenda, attachments, etc. Before being sent for electronic signature, documents can go through an internal approval workflow, thus saving time even in the negotiation/review phase of documents.

Applied solutions:

Invoice approval workflow – Optimizes the time needed to approve and verify invoices, increases transparency and helps the finance department in recording and paying invoices.


Sales – DocuWare’s sales management solutions help employees optimize and track customer relationships.


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