RPA - Robot Process Automation

Automation of repetitive processes that increases productivity.

What is robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation (or robotic process automation – RPA for short) is a software technology built to perform repetitive actions with the aim of increasing productivity and eliminating tedious tasks from employees duties. Once properly programmed, robots can capture and extract data, execute transactions, generate reports and perform a wide range of different actions. So robots running automated processes will deliver consistently and consistently regardless of the scale of the task or the data they need to process. By removing mundane activities from employees tasks, they are stimulated and motivated to carry out complex tasks that are more profitable for the company.

What are the benefits of implementing RPA?

Time-consuming, tedious tasks are left to robots. They don’t need breaks or distractions, so they will complete the action they have been scheduled to do in a much shorter time than human employees could.

RPA saves not only time but also money. Automated processes that run without employee intervention are resource-efficient, efficiency that is directly proportional to the amount of data processed.

Automated processes are unaffected by load fluctuations, and consistency in the delivery of results even during busy periods is one of the great advantages of RPA. The software eliminates the likelihood of human error, increasing data accuracy and yield quality.

Employees who are relieved of mundane, repetitive tasks perform better at work. This is because they can focus on human interactions (with customers and partners) and more complex or creative activities. Employee satisfaction is boosted by assigning more meaningful responsibilities. A happy employee is a high performing and loyal employee.

Customers of companies that have implemented automated processes enjoy better service quality, faster response time, more stable products and more accurate data. This not only brings higher customer satisfaction, but also a better reputation for the company – and therefore greater profitability.

In which areas can RPA be used?

Robotic process automation is a popular technology in finance and banking, but its versatility allows us to apply it to almost any industry. Education, healthcare, construction or aviation – RPA positively impacts any area where it is implemented, and IT, public relations, accounting or legal departments are among those that stand to gain the most when a company decides to streamline its processes through automation.

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