About us

We are a company specialising in software development for various industries.

# Blacksys digitalization

Who we are?

Blacksys Technology is an IT development and consulting company founded in 2011, with over 10 years of experience in implementing digitalization solutions.

We are certified JobRouter and DocuWare partners, leading a team with extensive experience in digitalization businesses in various fields – IT, manufacturing, construction, HORECA, sales, etc. – and the public sector.

So our team is easily able to think inside the box, outside the box, around the box, but also looking at it from another perspective (lateral thinking).

Lifelong learning is a standard that we adhere to strictly, especially in a new and ever developing field such as digitalisation. We want to be at the forefront of digitalization concepts, so it is in our culture to constantly educate ourselves. This ensures that we bring the latest, most efficient and reliable solutions in digitalization and workflow automation to our customers.

We aim to give businesses more flexibility and responsibility. That’s why we design customised and sustainable digital products that are both environmentally friendly, sustainable and intuitive.

At the same time, we aim to give people more flexibility, more responsibility and more time by implementing digital products that are customised, time-efficient and not least eco-friendly both in use and during implementation.

We work with the environment and don’t swim against the current, we use technology to give people time not to hoard it.

People come first

Our Principles

At the heart of any successful business are a set of fundamental principles and values that guide every decision and action.

Quality and reliability

Our basic principle is to deliver a quality, reliable and stable product.


We take on the work and dedication required to deliver a product we can be proud of.


We always look at the customer as the person in front of us, not just a company representative.

# Team Blacksys

A dedicated and qualified team

Successful businesses are built with people who share the company’s vision and principles, people who are trusted and resourced.

We have been investing in our team of professionals for over 10 years, and thanks to them we are confident that we can offer our partners quality software products. Moreover, because we prioritise the well-being of the team, creativity and focus are effortlessly stimulated.

This not only sets a pleasant working environment, but is also reflected in our customer relations.

The resources allocated to the team also consist of educational resources, as our colleagues regularly attend refresher courses in the technologies used. Because it’s important to stay in touch with the latest industry news and we follow innovation with interest, we have been participating for over 10 years in the JobRouter Academy and DocuWare Academy, training academies organised by pioneers in the field of digitalisation.

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We are interested in understanding your business as well as we can so that we can create a customised and advantageous offer for you.

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