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What is JobRouter?

JobRouter is a web-based workflow management system that stands out for its user-friendly handling and also for offering a variety of features. The economic and qualitative success achieved is what makes our customers happy.

Using JobRouter Suite, all types of business processes can be easily described and converted into electronic workflow processes. Users can access workflow applications from anywhere simply by using a web browser, making it easy to design, monitor and control processes from anywhere on the network.

Organisations in all industries and of all sizes gain control over their core business and support processes, achieving full transparency in all cases processed.
JobRouter’s integrated workflow designer with its graphical user interface makes it easy to represent and design workflow processes. Powerful workflow functions allow a quick conversion of a visual diagram into a fully functional workflow process.

JobRouter’s simple and highly scalable licensing model allows right-sizing of systems for SMEs (small businesses) as well as large organisations at an affordable price.

User JobRouter

The JobRouter user list has excellent references. Companies of all industries and sizes are represented.

JobRouter is scalable to any size of business and is therefore suitable for small companies as well as large enterprises with thousands of employees. Being industry independent, JobRouter is a valuable tool for both manufacturing and service companies. Regardless of a company’s decentralised or central structure, JobRouter is successfully used in national and international companies and is establishing itself on the global market as a recognised workflow management system. The flexibility of the system makes it dynamic and also supports companies working in a complex environment.

Digitalization with JobRouter is a journey and grows with the company

Imagine your system environment as several layers stacked on top of each other. With the network layer, the hardware infrastructure, the operating systems layer, the data management layer with databases and archives, and the application layer where your accounting, human resources, customer management or office is located.
applications are localized. JobRouter is standalone and independent, works across applications and can
therefore communicate with each layer of the system environment.

This allows JobRouter to be used as the default interface for workflow users in a wide range of processes. JobRouter’s exceptional scalability allows companies to deploy small individual processes at first and, when necessary, interconnect them into a larger workflow. JobRouter grows with its tasks and your business.

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20+ years of experience in:

Over 1000 deployments in:

Over 1200000 users in companies of all sizes

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What makes JobRouter special?

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