10 digital business processes that JobRouter users like

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Digital and automated business processes are essential for sustainable business growth – and a topic that makes CIOs sit up and take notice. But where to start or what process to start with first? The horizon of digitisation is endless. That’s why it’s not always easy to identify the right business process for your own company and keep an overview.
Here are 10 typical processes that top the agenda for users of the JobRouter digitisation platform. We aim to facilitate your entry into the world of digital business processes and inspire you to take on further digitization projects


1. Employees boarding

A structured onboarding process should familiarise new employees with their tasks and help ensure their long-term loyalty to the company. Individual, digitally mapped tasks, such as setting up a workstation or determining who is responsible, become a typical workflow in the HR environment, which users often implement in JobRouter.


2. Digital Inbox

Every day, thousands of documents of different forms and types enter the company through a wide variety of input channels. Depending on the type, all documents need to be viewed, checked and processed by more than one person. This is much easier with a digital inbox. Users rely on JobRouter, for example, to automatically classify all incoming documents, trigger an approval process or store them in the integrated archive in an audit-proof manner.


3. Accounts payable processing

A classic among JobRouter users is the integrated digital processing of payment invoices. The combination of process automation, document recognition, document management and simple integration of external master data is ideal for efficient processing of incoming invoices.


Contract management

A digital contract management process covers all steps that incorporate, process or require contract data. In JobRouter, all sub-processes can be implemented, from contract creation to digital signature. This is one of the reasons why digital contract management is so popular with users.


5. Management of basic data

Basic data, for example, information about suppliers, customers or cost centres, is needed over and over again in the most diverse places in the company. Centralised administration makes it possible to keep data up to date and use it easily in a process. For many JobRouter users, master data management is an essential requirement for automating business processes.


6. Portal for suppliers and customers

Users not only use JobRouter for their own companies, but also for interactions with suppliers and customers. Used as a service portal, they can access, for example, invoices and other documents. In addition, suppliers are often part of a process and can initiate steps themselves to manage orders from start to finish and optimise the process.


7. Complaints handling

Digital complaint handling shortens processing times, creates transparency within the company and sustainably increases customer satisfaction. JobRouter users have recognised this and use the digitisation platform to manage claims digitally, from acknowledgement to task allocation and cost recording.


8. Document creation and digital approval

Collaborative working is a matter of course for JobRouter users. Coordination of documents with legal effect, in particular, often requires time-consuming internal coordination and subsequent approval. With JobRouter, documents can be jointly created, approved, including by electronic signature, and archived.


9. Business travel application and travel expense report

The business travel request and travel expense report are among the most sought-after digital processes for re

human sources among JobRouter users. Among other things, they allow employees to work from any location and exchange information quickly and seamlessly.


10. Notification of sick leave

When your head is pounding and your nose is running, you can’t think about work. This is exactly what digital sick leave notification is all about. In JobRouter, users trigger sick leave notifications for themselves and on behalf of others. The process can be controlled by a defined management of rights and roles and allows all parties involved to be informed of an absence due to illness.

Nothing suitable? The JobRouter digitisation platform can be used to map very different application scenarios.

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